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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DNA virus

A DNA virus is a virus that has DNA as its genetic material and replicates using a DNA-dependent DNA polymerase. The nucleic acid is usually double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) but may also be single-stranded DNA (ssDNA). DNA viruses belong to either Group I or Group II of the Baltimore classification system for viruses. Single-stranded DNA is usually expanded to double-stranded in infected cells. Although Group VII viruses such as hepatitis B contain a DNA genome, they are not considered DNA viruses according to the Baltimore classification, but rather reverse transcribing viruses because they replicate through an RNA intermediate.


* 1 Recent taxonomic proposals by the Herpesviridae Study Group
* 2 Group I - dsDNA viruses
* 3 Group II - ssDNA viruses
* 4 See also
* 5 References

Recent taxonomic proposals by the Herpesviridae Study Group

Herpes viruses are double stranded DNA viruses assigned to Group I. The Herpesviridae Study Group has proposed that herpes viruses be assigned to a newly defined order, Herpesvirales. They also propose that the currently unassigned family Herpesviridae be reassigned to the new herpes order. In addition, they propose that the families Alloherpesviridae and Malacoherpesviridae also be assigned to the new order.

Group I - dsDNA viruses

* Order Caudovirales
o Family Myoviridae - includes Enterobacteria phage T4
o Family Podoviridae
o Family Siphoviridae - includes Enterobacteria phage λ
* Order Herpesvirales
o Family Alloherpesviridae
o Family Herpesviridae - includes human herpesviruses, Varicella Zoster virus
o Family Malacoherpesviridae
* Unassigned families
o Family Ascoviridae
o Family Adenoviridae - includes viruses which cause human adenovirus infection
o Family Asfarviridae - includes African swine fever virus
o Family Baculoviridae
o Family Coccolithoviridae
o Family Corticoviridae
o Family Fuselloviridae
o Family Guttaviridae
o Family Iridoviridae
o Family Lipothrixviridae
o Family Nimaviridae
o Family Papillomaviridae
o Family Phycodnaviridae
o Family Plasmaviridae
o Family Polyomaviridae - includes Simian virus 40, JC virus
o Family Poxviridae - includes Cowpox virus, smallpox
o Family Rudiviridae
o Family Tectiviridae
* Unassigned genera
o Mimivirus

Group II - ssDNA viruses

* Unassigned bacteriophage families
o Family Inoviridae
o Family Microviridae
* Unassigned families
o Family Geminiviridae
o Family Circoviridae
o Family Nanoviridae
o Family Parvoviridae - includes Parvovirus B19
* Unassigned genera
o Anellovirus

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