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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Biggest Ponsel In The World

A mobile phone to attract the public in Chicago, United States. For, the phone displayed in public places is indeed jumbo. Length of approximately about 5 meters high and 4 meters.

Mobile phone model that mimics the giant Samsung Messenger handset vendor Samsung is created with the service department for the purposes of the campaign. Although the forms so large, the phone can function as mobile phones in general.

In fact, the department invites residents to try the phone. Representatives of institutions distinguished record, Guinness World Records also invited to give a certificate on the phone as the biggest in the land.

"We're happy to acknowledge that the biggest mobile phone as a new Guinness record," said Danny Girton Jr. as the representative of Guinness while adding that this is the first record for the largest mobile phone category.

Quoted from detikINET Wireless and Mobilenews, Friday (13/3/2009), the department hopes the promotion of this cooperation to make them successful with the Samsung. Cricket middle package offers a variety of sales with the Samsung handset, with its mainstay product Samsung Messenger made its giant replica of it.

Source : DetIKINET


Eko said...

waduh.. gimana bawa nya yah kalo ponselnya segede itu.. :D

Tips PDA said...

wah malah susah bawa n ngoperasiinnya....he..he..