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Sunday, March 22, 2009

How Google Adsense Detect Clicks by Codes; (Re-type)

For friends of the clikers ads .
Read the note, if you know about this, it's good but if not, read carefully...

I take this article from my friend An Gg Ar An, of the approval. for a google adsense read this carefully so that the dollar is not lost or even in the banned.

Read Carefully...

After several months being a Google's Publisher from Google AdSense, now I want to write something about Google AdSense. Do you realized recently Google AdSense has new trick to identify valid click and store these clicks information with some code. So, every click has different ID and it store in google database. Base on these database, Google AdSense Team will analysis every data to make sure where'is counted as valid click or fraud.

Recently, end of February I guess (I'm not really sure since when), Google detect click ID with some code that we can see... these the sample :






Look, we can see that Google Adsense add some code to detect these click with same pattern : &gclid=" some code "
It always same code..begin with " &gclid= "

With my experiment, google will count click if visitor explore more deep about click, and these will indicated by &gclid= code disappear.

So, if I a visitor and click a Google Adsense ads, as normally I'll go to the Advertiser Site. At the first, google code will detect click ID with &gclid= code. After I click link in from that first page (home), ex : click contact some product, then &gclid= will disappea. These click will counted by google.
But, If I don't click a link (to show how interest I'm), then that click will not counted!

Even your visitor click has been counted in your Earn Report, it still not a guarantee Google AdSense will pay you. They will analysis again before the payment date. They need to sure that your visitor click is a valid click..(ex :come from a Search Engine, browse your page, then click google adsense ads). If they detect that click was a fraud, then they will not pay you.. The money will return back to the advertiser. Google doing these analysis step by accessing their database base on "&gclid=" code.

This is an example uncounted click :

see? I think google will detect this click are fraud because it came from a publisher click..
The indication code are : &client=ca-pub-***************

So, if your visitor just click your google ads and not explore more deep to the advertiser site, google will not counted that click!
This is equitable for the advertiser, so their money spent to google adword will not futile.

Well, that's my experience..maybe you could "ameliorate" or verify... don't forget to put your comment below.
Thank you..

You Can Read In the Original Article in this Link An Gg Ar An


z4ro08 said...

Wow, nice post & thanks for sharing

mesin absen, sidik jari, access control, keylock said...

yesss nice info......

Blok c No.3 said...

info yang bagus sob...(padahal gw kaga bisa bahasa inggris....ngaco aja...) ^-^

poisontech said...

kan tinggal di translate aja sob..hehe sok ngasih tau ya gw..hehe

anthony said...

This is absolutely true and we have same input about this thing! before my adsense has banned, i received a warning from google adesense.. yet some of my colleagues have been automatically disabled..

we realized this google's mechanism about last january and it was just late to save our account.. hehe..

next time.. dont just click but explore the sites content..

e-je said...

Mantap, baru tau sekarang nih..beneran deh, suerrrrrr

Poison-Tech' blog said...

iya kang, saya juga baru tau minggu kemaren waktu walking-walking dan saya minta ijin untuk re-post di blog saya, untungnya dikasih. soalnya kadang saya takut bann lagi..

fajardesign said...

jadi mikir dua kali sob..daftar di GAds

kita said...

wah..bgitu ya...

thx for sharing ya!!

saya baru aja mulai ga nih,,jadi info2 seperti pasti akan berguna..hehe..

healthpotion said...

thanks for the info..
i dont know bout this yet before read your post.. :)

poisontech said...

thanks for all... i hope this post can make help u..

Indoman said...

Hi Sob...
Thanks for coming.
I have an issue and hope that you can help me.
About my link here on your blogroll. Hope that you can change it with http://around-indonesia-asia.blogspot without www.
Cause it is directing to other page with the same content...
And it wasn't counted as a backlink to my preffered domain. Thanks..hope that you can do the same with your other blog that linked to mine...

ism said...

info yang bagus

Izar Baik said...

Owh, I see.
that's why my adsense has been banned by google. Thanks for sharing.

Risti said...

good info bro,

Anonymous said...

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