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Friday, January 15, 2010

Advanced Computer Spy To Protect Your Family

Advanced Computer Spy To Protect Your Family
Are you curious on what your spouse is doing in his or her computer? Are you tired of your children who spent so many times on front of an online computer without willing to let you know you what they are doing? Do you recognize that your employees' performance on their jobs is decreasing because they spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter?

The latest survey notes that 15% of surveyed children say that they innocently chatting with strangers online. Meanwhile, 1/3 divorced couples admit that they commit divorcing due to online affairs. Moreover, 25% of company time is spent by the employees to online on social networking sites. It is horrible, right? Just like drugs, abused online computers can cause many problems. So how can you prevent online disaster from coming out in your computer?

You can visit Brickhousesecurity. This website is selling the new computer spy. This tool is just like a USB flash disk. You plug this computer spy to your computer and within 5 seconds, it would record all of the sites, programs, and hardware which are accessed using your computer. This computer spy can help you to trace your computer's misuse and help you to control its application by other persons.